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Jon 1 hour ago

This is an unbelievable level of technology available for this price. I have crashed it many times so far with no ill effects. Those that are complaining about how fragile it is I just can't imagine what they did to break it. Having said that if you do break something it is all very easy to replace. I have already taken apart and put back together several of the sub systems and I am quite impressed. This is probably not a toy for the under 13 set as you not only have to entrust them with the ' coptor but also an iPhone or iPad. But this is a great father and son/daughter project to work on. Especially if you decide to invest some time in the SDK and explore the possibilities.

Warren Harris 1 hour ago

This is more fun than a barrel of ferrets. Great design and entertainment for hours. It's a little noisy and you should NOT use this indoors unless you want a lot of broken glassware. -- If you have a gymnasium to yourself, you're probably OK.

This is a great product and a lot of fun!

Nick 1 hour ago

Outstanding gadget. Operates smoothly as observed on YouTube videos. Very tech-cool! Operate in uncluttered space with a flat surface when learning to fly. Absolute fun!

Patricia 1 hour ago

Fast shipping
Excellent product!

Anthony 2 hours ago

This is probably the best product I've ever spent my money on! The way this machine flys and stabilizes itself makes it the most easy to fly aircraft! I never get bored of it. There's nothing else like it! Trust me ..

James 2 hours ago

Great item, plenty of hours of fun. Takes some time getting used to using it but I picked it up quickly and am LOVING it!!!


Issac 2 hours ago

I'm an engineer from a large aerospace company. There is a group of engineers working on similar products and I demonstrated the parrot drone for them. They were quite impressed. This is more than a toy but it's also just fun to play with. I would venture to say that you could easily spend far more for something with far less capability. I gave the instructions a neutral rating because it's a bit hard to understand but ease of use makes up for that.

Bernardo 2 hours ago

It's just great! I like it very much. The most easy to control helicopter I've ever played. It's an Innovative Toy for both kids and adults.

Raul 3 hours ago

Muchas gracias a ustedes eh podido adquirir es producto de excelente calidad la cual me ah servido de mucho en la actividad que le eh puesto a emplearse . Gracias

Uri 3 hours ago

Yes it's very cool, finaly a high tech flying gadget that can be operated easily at your living room, exciting the family and your guests. Reccommanded !!!!!

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